Bed Bugs Are Not Easy Pests To Get Rid Of!

In fact they are one of the toughest pests to deal with

Anyone claiming to be able to instantly kill bed bugs are probably lying to you!

You see, the main problem with bed bugs is they are nocturnal – night creatures. They come out at night and feed on you then head back to where they came from, if the infestation is severe you’ll find the bulk of them festering in your actual mattress. If not then you have a few elusive bed bugs causing the problem.

Either way there simply isn’t a quick fix to kill, get rid of and prevent them instantly..

There are solutions on the market claiming to do all this and I would beware of them. Here is something I found on the Huffington Post about a few of these bed bug remedy claims. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/11/bed-bug-remedies-deceptive-marketing_n_1873405.htm)

There is a solution however that works great at preventing bed bugs from entering your home and bed. If you have a bed bugs problem, it’s great at keeping them at bay and away from your bed.

They don’t claim to kill bed bugs instantly, just prevent them..

As far as I’m concerned that’s good enough for me to have a good nights sleep and not worry about bed bugs feeding on me and biting me all night long.

You will have to wash all your clothing at the recommended 120 degrees Fahrenheit to kill them and make sure your clothing is bed bugs free. This gives you time store them in a safe room, giving you the chance to make sure all your clothing are free of bugs.

The product is called Bed Defense, and that’s exactly what it does, it defends your bed from bed bugs. It’s also great to use when you travel, if you stay in hotels a lot this is a godsend, keep one in your bag and your guaranteed no stow a ways on that trip.

If you have a bed bugs problem then Bed Defense should definitely be your first port of call while you work out the logistics and action plan to make sure you deal with them correctly – as you know there are some very expensive solutions available and you have to make sure you make the right choice, and worrying about a good nights sleep wont do you any good in helping you make the right decision. Bed defense will let you sleep better knowing the bugs are at bay.

There is also the possibility Bed Defense will deal with the the bed bug problem entirely and over time (say about 6-8 weeks) your house will be bed bugs free, providing its not an infestation from hell, then you’ll probably need a bit more time (the cost of each unit is under $10 and right now for a limited time shipping is free so you can even get one for every room in your home, before you go out and spend hundreds, or even thousands!)

Find out more about how to order Bed Defense here.