Bed Bugs: What’s The Big Deal?

It is a indisputable fact that bed bugs are back!

Bed Bug

There has been a 500% increase in reported cases of bed bug infestations in America in the last five years. They are infesting houses, apartments and businesses. No one is immune, be they at home, on vacation, out for an evening or traveling for business. Bed bugs have been found in hotels, in motels, on ships, on trains, on airplanes, in nursing homes, in movie theaters and even in hospitals. They are a major nuisance and extremely hard to get rid of once they have taken up residence.

Bed bugs do not just appear in these places out of thin air.

They have to be brought there and when it comes to bed bugs, they are world class freeloaders. Bed bugs will hitch a ride on just about anything. They may climb onto a coat left in a night club coat check from another coat that was in an infested home. They might climb onto your suit jacket as you sit in a plush chair in a fancy restaurant. Bed bugs may crawl into a woman’s handbag left open on the seat next to her in a dark movie theater. They may even hitch a ride on your sweater when you visit your grand mother in the nursing home. How do you tell if they are bed bugs since they are found everywhere and they thrive on spreading from place to place on the belongings of the unaware.

Bed bugs are also quite adept at stowing away in many other items

They can often be found in cardboard boxes and paper bags brought home from supermarkets and stores. Bed bugs are expert at hiding in the luggage of travelers when people stay in an infested hotel. They have been found on the passenger seats in airplanes where they found their way into a new home by getting into the carry on baggage of an unaware business traveler. Subway riders have taken home uninvited quests when bed bugs have climbed into their briefcases on an early evening ride home from work. Bed bugs are becoming the bane of the cruise ship industry as several large ocean liners have beenĀ  infested with the annoying vermin. These tiny world travelers were all too happy to make their way to the homes and offices of unwitting vacationers who took away more their fond memories of their ocean voyage.

Obviously, it will take a greater effort than any one of us is capable of to solve the current bed bug resurgence. However, everyone needs to be aware of the problem and take precautions to prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride to their home or business. It is important that people take the time to learn how they can protect themselves against the unwelcome return of bed bugs. Yes, bed bugs are a major nuisance and getting rid of bed bugs can be quite expensive but you are not defenseless. Prevention is the key and the internet is full of useful information on how you can protect yourself against bed bugs. Study carefully and keep your life bed bug free.