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Cimex_lectulariusYou may think that bed bugs are just another scare story that the media likes to talk about when nothing really important is going on. You might even think that bed bugs only infest dirty homes that are lived in by people with bad personal hygiene. If this describes how you feel about bed bugs then you need a wake up call because bed bugs are back and can affect anyone at anytime. Bed bugs do not care if you are rich or poor, clean or dirty or if you live in a motel efficiency or a mansion. They are everywhere and they are everyone’s problem. Bed bugs do not discriminate based on any social criteria. They will be all too glad to come into your home and make your dream house into the house from hell.

Bed bugs have an amazing variety of ways to move from place to place and with Bed Defense you can prevent them from spreading

They will hitch a ride on a coat that is innocently placed in a coat check at a local restaurant and hung next to a coat that has a bed bug on it. All the bed bug needs to do is to crawl onto your coat and before you know it, you have taken home a pregnant female bed bug. Once the coat is back in your bedroom closet, the pregnant bed bug will simply drop to the floor and try to get a close as possible to a potential source of food. She will use scent and pheromones to detect the location of that food source and make a beeline for your bed. There she will give birth to a new brood of bed bugs who will turn your sweet dreams into a nightmare of horrors. In a matter of weeks, there will be dozens of the little monsters living between the mattress and box spring, just waiting for dark to come out and drink your blood.

Perhaps you have a dog that you board at a local kennel when you go on vacation. Unfortunately, the kennel has a bed bug problem and your dog came home from the kennel with a few bed bugs under its luxurious coat. Being a dog lover, you allow your pet to sleep on your bed at night and before you know it, you are waking up with red welts and bite marks on your arms and legs. Bed bugs come out to feed from under your mattress during the early hours of morning around 4AM and they go straight for exposed areas like arms and legs. If you happen to sleep in the nude, you are a deluxe, multi course banquet for bed bugs.

Maybe you are a devotee of garage sales. Last weekend you brought home a wonderful arm chair from a local garage sale and it was a steal for only $20. A few days later, your youngest child wakes you up crying at 6AM and shows you her back and arms that are covered with red, itchy bite marks. Your youngest was the first one to jump into that plush armchair which just happened to have a small army of bed bugs living inside it. While your daughter curled up and dozed off in your marvelous new acquisition, bed bugs climbed onto her pajamas and later made their new home under her mattress. Now every night, while she tries to sleep, bed bugs come out and feed on her as she tosses and turns in discomfort.

These are examples of the ease in which bed bugs can move from place to place.

While it is true that bed bugs are back and infesting homes in record numbers, the situation is far from hopeless. You can protect your home and family if you are willing to make an effort to learn about bed bugs and how to prevent them from entering your existence. There is an incredible volume of information waiting for you on the internet, on television, in magazines and in newspapers about the bed bug problem. Don’t be an uninformed victim. Take the time and become educated against the bed bug menace and learn how to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

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