Get Rid Of Bed Bugs For Good This Time

Get rid of bed bugs once an for all!

By now, there is hardly anyone left who has not heard that beds bugs are back. You read about them again in the local paper just this week. Once yo

how to get rid of bed bug for goodu got over the initial revulsion at the idea of insect parasites drinking your blood while you sleep, you started to think about what you would do if you had a bed bug problem You wondered how to get rid of bed bugs in your home and more importantly, how to get rid of bed bugs for good.

As you thought about the problem, you recalled the friend who told you his tale of woe about the bed bug infestation that turned his life in a nightmare, earlier this year. Your friend is a vice-president at a successful internet security company and he lives in a lovely 2 story house, with a finished basement. When his home was infested, the bed bugs took over his life. He had to think about how he would get rid of bed bugs in the mattresses, how he would get rid off bed bugs in the furniture and how he would get rid of bed bugs in the clothes. Every room in his house was invaded by the little monsters, thanks in part to the family dog who had the charming habit of sleeping on every bed and comfortable piece of furniture in the house. Unfortunately, bed bugs love furry dogs as a method of transportation.

Your friend isn’t the do it your self type. He can’t see beyond the keyboard and monitor of a computer. So he called the pest control company with the biggest advertisement in the local yellow pages. The pest control guy arrived the next morning and the conversation went like this:

“Well, lets see sir,” said the smiling pest control guy, “That’s 11 rooms total, including 4 bedrooms, the dining room, the kitchen (where the dog was supposed to sleep), the living room, the den, the breakfast room and a 2 room finished basement; 11 rooms total at $600 dollars a room. So if you will write us a check for 6600$, as soon as it clears, we will be back to get rid of your (chuckles) uninvited guests. Or you can just put it on a credit card.”

After your friend recovered from fainting, the nice man from the pest control company reluctantly told him that there would also be monthly follow up visits for 9 to 12 months; at $200 per month. He said most of ‘these cases” take 9 months of follow up visits, so total cost would be about $7500.00.

Your friend broke out his MasterCard and waved good bye to the profits of the last 2 years of savings and investments. The pest control man then informed him that he would have to check the family into a hotel for a few weeks, so they could do the work. Eight months later, he is still having monthly visits from the pest control guy and they had to respray once. That, by the way, was extra.

After you said a silent prayer of thanks that you had never invited your friend over for dinner, you decided to get pro-active and protect your home before bed bugs could strike. Most importantly, you wanted to get rid of bed bugs naturally. After all, besides, you and your wife, there are 2 young kids and a newborn to worry about. The last thing you want is toxic chemicals sprayed in your home.

You are a smart guy, so you sat down at your computer and went to your favorite search engine. You know the one; Google (you even bought some shares in their IPO and you want to hang on to the profits instead of giving them to an exterminator).

You searched the web for all natural, child safe products to prevent and kill bed bugs. Then you came across just what you were looking for; a lab tested product called Bed Defense. Its child and pet safe, contains all natural ingredients and it is so easy to use that all you do is open the package and put the product where you want it.

A few days later, your order arrived from Bed Defense and you placed a Bed Defense System under every mattress in your home. You placed them in every closet, in cabinets and under every piece of upholstered furniture. You made sure to set up a barrier against bed bugs in every room in your house and you did it for less money than it would cost to take your entire family of 5 to dinner and the movies. (including popcorn and drinks, of course.)

This is the true story of one Bed Defense customer. If you have any doubts that bed bugs really are a serious problem, consider these facts. 93% of all the homes in America are at risk for a bed bug infestation in 2012. Even when you go out in the world, you are at risk of bringing bed bugs home with you, because 40% of bed bug cases start in stores, theaters, and other businesses.

No matter where the bed bugs originate, Bed Defense will provide your home with the protection you need. You owe it to yourself and your family to learn all you can about bed bugs and to Use Bed Defense As Your Best Defense Against Bed Bugs.

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