How To Kill Bed Bugs

How To Kill Bed Bugs In Your Home

how to kill bed bugsThis morning you woke up itching like crazy for the third day in a row. Exposed areas of skin on your lower legs and arms were covered with red bugs bites. Being a smart person, you logged onto your computer and after a few minutes of research, you found out that your bites probably came from Bed Bugs.

You read the advice on how to verify if you have bed bugs. You quickly logged off the computer and rushed into your bedroom. Then you lifted up your mattress and much to your horror; there they were in all their blood drinking glory. Scurrying for cover in the sudden light were several dozen slightly swollen, reddish brown, wingless insects about the size of an apple pit. Being quite voracious feeders, Bed Bugs leave behind a good deal of waste and sure enough, you found a telltale dusting of what looked like finely ground black pepper. You realized you were looking at Bed Bugs and their droppings and now you had to do something about it.

You basically have two choices. You can call an exterminator, check into a motel for a few weeks and pay several thousand dollars to have your home treated. OR, you can take the initiative and handle the problem yourself. It will take some effort and a bit of your time, but you wont end up spending half of your savings in the process.

Now you have decided to get rid of Bed Bugs yourself. Your goal is to get rid of Bed Bugs for good and do it without spending a fortune. How will you accomplish this without driving yourself crazy in the process? Well, there is help for you with a marvelous product called Bed Defense. The all natural, child and pet safe device was developed by a pioneering company that was at the forefront of treating the plague of Bed Bugs that infested hotels and motels in the early part of the 21st century.

Bed Defense works right out of the box and it will get rid of Bed Bugs fast. You should place a couple under every mattress in your home. You will also want to place Bed Defense under sofas, chairs, in drawers, in closets and in cabinets. You will create a barrier of protection for your entire home. Ideally, every room in your home should be protected with several Bed Defense devices. You will get rid of Bed bugs naturally and you will get rid of Bed Bugs on your own, without cashing in your investments to pay a professional exterminator.

Of course, most homes are not infested with Bed Bugs but even so, you should be aware that 93% of all the homes in America are at risk for a Bed Bug infestation in 2012. Be pro-active and protect your home from Bed Bugs before they strike. Place several Bed Defense devices in every room and sleep peacefully, knowing you are protected against these annoying little insects. Keep Bed Bugs out of your home and keep Bed Bugs out of your life with Bed Defense. Remember, Bed Defense is your Best Defense against Bed Bugs.

Here is a really funny video put out by the guys over Bed Defense Bed Bug Protection: