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How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs?

  It may seem like a silly question, but if you have never had bed bugs – How DO you know if you have bed bugs for sure? If you’ve never been a victim of bed bugs and their annoyingly itchy bites, consider yourself lucky… Lucky because out of all the pest problems to have…

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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bug Bites

Image via Flickr Take care of your bed bugs bites It is no secret that bed bug bites are frustrating. What can be secret about these bites, though, are some of the symptoms that people do not tell you about. Most people find that bed bug bites do not show up for about a week…

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Old Folklore Helps Deal With Bed Bug Bites

Balkan folklore helps puts bite on bedbugs (via AFP) It’s been frozen, baked, suffocated and sprayed with toxins… and each time the bedbug bounces back, leaving tiny bite marks on legs or arms where it takes a blood meal. But thanks to an unusual combination of Balkan folklore and nanoscale science, the pesky critter may…

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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

where do bed bugs come from

Have you ever thought an wondered… Where do bed bugs come from?? Here’s an interesting video I found on bed bugs that seems to tackle this question! Pretty interesting looking into the origngs of these pests and where exactly they come from! If you have a different idea about where bed bugs come from please…

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Dr Oz And Bed Bugs

dr oz and bed bugs

I found a great video of Dr Oz And Bed Bugs! Dr. Oz needs no introduction! Please watch the video and comment bellow! [pws_video id=1] If you have a bed bugs problem and need to deal with them please have a look at this special trial offer for bed bugs.

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