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Bed Bugs New York: Tenants Beware!

If you live in NYC and you have bed bugs… Please watch this 3 minutes video. Its by the Met Council and really worth you watching if you life in New York City and have bed bugs! Dont forget to go to the Met Council Website to see the tips of how you as a…

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Is Insect Repellent The Most Effective Way How To Kill Bed bugs?

insect repellent to kill bed bugs

Insect repellent is not an effective treatment for killing a bed bug infestation in your home, sometimes you may need a professional to help kill them. They can get infested in your furniture and end up hiding in beds, cracks, crevices, cushions and more. While trying insect repellent on them designed for use on the…

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How To Kill Bed Bugs

how to kill bed bugs

How To Kill Bed Bugs In Your Home This morning you woke up itching like crazy for the third day in a row. Exposed areas of skin on your lower legs and arms were covered with red bugs bites. Being a smart person, you logged onto your computer and after a few minutes of research,…

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