The Most Common Bed Bugs Symptoms

What to do if think you may have an infestation of bed bugs

bed bugsIf an individual suspects infestation of bed bugs in his house the first thing for him to learn are the most common bed bugs symptoms to distinguish between various possibilities. Bites on a body can be due to bed bugs, spiders, flea etc. To know who really is the enemy one should instantly look for the main symptoms discussed in this article. The more time you take the more difficult it becomes to get rid of the problem.

First and foremost sign of bed bugs infestation is the frequent bites.

If a person was bitten once it can be possible that it was a spider or any other insect, but if he wakes everyday with more than 1 bite than there are more chances of presence of bed bugs. However there are equal chances of major flea infestation.

The part of body with bug bites is what helps to distinguish between flea and bed bugs. Usually flea bites are found on the legs whereas bed bugs are more likely to bite on the upper part of the body.  These are the bed bugs symptoms that are seen in the early stage and should be checked with great concentration in order to stop the plague from growing as soon as possible.

The last sign of these little insects is to see them. It occurs when the swarm of these parasites is on its maximum stage, before this stage they are unseen in the day light. It is possible to take control over the problem even at this level however hiring professional service is a much better option of destroying them permanently. Look for the first two indications every day and clean every bit of your house from clothing to flooring. Vacuum suspected places, wash all the clothes, wash the bed sheets and pillow covers.