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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bug Bites

Image via Flickr Take care of your bed bugs bites It is no secret that bed bug bites are frustrating. What can be secret about these bites, though, are some of the symptoms that people do not tell you about. Most people find that bed bug bites do not show up for about a week…

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Old Folklore Helps Deal With Bed Bug Bites


Balkan folklore helps puts bite on bedbugs (via AFP) It’s been frozen, baked, suffocated and sprayed with toxins… and each time the bedbug bounces back, leaving tiny bite marks on legs or arms where it takes a blood meal. But thanks to an unusual combination of Balkan folklore and nanoscale science, the pesky critter may…

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Bed Bugs New York: Tenants Beware!

If you live in NYC and you have bed bugs… Please watch this 3 minutes video. Its by the Met Council and really worth you watching if you life in New York City and have bed bugs! Dont forget to go to the Met Council Website to see the tips of how you as a…

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Bed Bugs In Philly

Philadelphia Center City

The secret of Sylvester Stallone’s success has at last been revealed!  Bed bugs! When he was a child growing up in Philadelphia, there was such a tremendous infestation of them, that it built up his character so that he just HAD to succeed and keep hoping, trying, and building himself in order to make it…

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New Treatment For Bed Bugs

Infested with bedbugs

Looks like there is hope after all with a new bed bug treatment on the horizon. Bed bugs a growing concern and it looks like the Penn Stated University is doing something about it and looking into new treatment methods for dealing with the new bed bug problem. Below is the article I just found,…

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